How long does printing usually take?

All products are made to order! You can find the shipping time for most of the products here: Shipping times and costs

Product Group 1: Production Time 1-5 Business Days (On Average 2 business Days)

Apparel: T-shirts, Hoodies and Long Sleeves
Drinkware: Full Color Mugs, White Mugs, Inner Color mugs, Travel Mugs and Water Bottles.
Accessories: Cotton Tote Bags

Product Group 2 - Production Time 2-5 Business Days


Product Group 3 - Production Time 1-3 Business Days

All Tumblers

Product Group 4 - Production Time 7 Business Days

Sneakers, Slip Ons, Casual Shoes, Casual Shoes, Hooded Blankets, Blankets, AOV Hoodies, Bedding Sheets, Backpacks, Chunky Sneakers, Car seat cover, AOV Tumblers

Product Group 5 - Production Time 3-8 Business Days

Custom Canvases, Custom Pillows, Stickers, 18" Tote Bags, Beach Towels, Posters, Custom Watch

Please note that during high season peaks, such as holidays or important  events, our production and shipping times can be extended. Such events are Christmas season, Vet Tech Week, World Veterinary Day.

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